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Selected Manifestations
by David and Vonda Reay
Hardcover. 1985. SCARCE book. The complete title is "Selected Manifestations: Being an Unofficial Collection of Temple Dedicatory Prayers, Revelations, Visions, Dreams, Doctrinal Expositions, and other Inspired Declarations not presently included in the Official Canon of Scriptures known as the Four Standard Works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

This book mysteriously disappeared from store bookshelves back in 1985 shortly after publication (apparently because of copyright concerns)--thus its rarity. The book contains 185 sections, entitled "Selections". Each "Selection" contains a dedicatory prayer, a spiritual manifestation, or some important revelation that is presently not contained in the Standard Works. The book also has twelve very valuable appendices, including a bibliography on the Doctrine and Covenants; and a list of all the Priesthood Courses of Study.

The "Selections" are given in chronological order and each is broken down into verse form, like the scriptures. It includes many of the early revelations given to Joseph Smith that are not included in the D&C, including other revelations given to subsequent prophets. [Book #236]